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A perfect week! We are the champions!

The perfect week started last Sunday! Workout and weltmeister preparation. If you know what I mean  :)
The our new weber grill arrived! We were already going nuts with trying all sorts of recipes from the official weber classics BBQ book which I can highly recommend! You will be surprised what you can grill! Even lettuce!! 
And yes! We had a spontaneous weltmeister party! Including BBQ with all our friends who aren't afraid to party! 
After a short night and lots to do at work (it's fashion show season and kick off of the new collection for SS15) it was time to use my birthday coupon for an 1 hour long massage! It was pretty amazing! And I am still feeling it one day after! 
Last but not least did I get a sweet surprise from my boyfriend. I get to officially keep the keys and can even decorate it with a cute chain! I guess it's time to make muffins for him.

Today we are heading to cologne to see the amazing fireworks called "Kölner Lichter 2014". But beforehand w'll meet a couple of friends and enjoy burgers at "Hans Im Glück" which is apparently THE new place to go to.

Pics will follow! 
(Hopefully sooner than later )
Xx taty


Ach... Long weekends

4 days are simply the best! Time to relax, get a lot of things done that you usually wouldn't consider doing and fun with friends! 

Today I found a new favorite interior design store called vintage fabrik in duesseldorf (nordstrasse). Definitely a place to visit when you are in the area and ready to find gifts, amazing pictures or vintage pieces for your home!

Here a few more impressions of the weekend:
Happy flower party with a few additions from our own garden!
The best looking lemonade I know!
Easter lamb ready for a snuggle attack!
A flying dog :) girls weekend! Exploring the city with my roommate! 


Run Baby Run!

METRO RUN in Düsseldorf 2014 - HALF MARATHON 
I am happy and exceptionally proud to announce that I just ran my second half marathon (or to be precise a 22,6km run)today! The weather was aweful (rain! Lots if rain!) and there were very few people out to cheer for the runners which made the whole challenge even more difficult. BUT we made it! After i was Dome my Rotaract Team mates took over to finish the full marathon! Now I am in bed: sore and happy that I finished my second long distance run! 


A new life in a new city…

I just had my first appraisal at work and realized that time flew by for the past six months. After graduation, traveling around the US, I  found a job I am truly passionate about. And somehow, between all those "not always very special" moments after work I get situated in a new city and a home. Being a very open person and used to moving around on a regular basis, obviously made it easier for me to adjust to new situations and places. Every time I move to a new city and face different challenges I grow. I am very fortunate that I found work that is a lot more than enjoyable and even some people that I can call friends! 

I'll be at an event for work for Easter and will have a lovely dinner with my grandma afterwards. Of course I'll also visit my mom and think of my dad as he will have a (small!) surgery. 
I wish you all a happy Easter with your friends and family! 
xx Taty*